How to Import Google Reader Subscriptions

erem app lets you import your subscriptions (RSS Feeds) from Google Reader so that you can use erem app as your Google Reader alternative.

Unfortunately, Google Reader will no longer work after July 1st, 2013 as described in Google’s Blog Post.

Luckily, you can export your Google Reader subscriptions (RSS Feeds) and import them into erem app to continue accessing your same RSS feeds. Below, we describe the steps to import your Google Reader subscriptions into erem app:

  1. Go to Google Take Out page:
  2. Download your data for Google Reader in a zipped file.
  3. In the zip file, you will find subscriptions.xml file; attach and send subscriptions.xml file to your self. (subscriptions.xml file includes list of your RSS feeds.)
  4. Open the email from your iPhone/iPad or Android Device and click on the subscriptions.xml file.
  5. How to Import Google Reader Subscriptions XML File Import Google Reader RSS Feeds Open Google Reader Subscription XML File on Android
    Open the email with the subscription.xml file attachment Long press on the attachment to see ‘Open In’ options on iPhone or iPad Press on the attachment to see ‘Complete action using’ options on Android Devices
  6. Select erem app. erem app will open and import all your Google Reader RSS feeds from subscriptions.xml file. You are DONE!
  7. To review your imported RSS Feeds, you can be check ‘Google Reader’ category on the ‘News Sources’ screen or on the ‘Define RSS Feeds’ screen.

    Google Reader added as a News Source Category Imported News Sources from Google Reader Google Reader RSS Feeds listed as User Defined
    Google Reader RSS Feeds are added into Google Reader Category All Imported RSS Feeds are Added as Your News Sources Google Reader RSS Feeds are listed in Defined RSS Feeds Screen